Undercover Club Pro | Vol. 1, Entry 1

The importance of sitting down with your new Golf Chair/Board Member before the golf season begins.

I can’t stress how important it is to sit down with a new Golf Committee Board member and/or Club Board Member as soon as the Board member takes the oath to serve your Club.  As many of you know most people when you tell them you are a Golf Professional just assume that you play golf every day.  When in fact that potentially is maybe 15% of what we do.  Merchandising, teaching, coaching, training, volunteer work, setting up the course, course ranger, selling, creating budgets and player development are just a handful of things that we do day in and day out.  Taking the time to set up a face to face appointment to explain all these things that you do is critical before the season or their term starts.  That Board Member (s) should understand all things that go on in your department and what your concerns may be for the year.  This quick 30 minute to 1 hour face to face meeting can make a huge difference in the outcome of multiple things that are always brought before Board members.  Last, if you aren’t in the Board meetings monthly get in there.  Don’t let someone else give your golf report.  Know everything that is going on in the Club/Course.  The more informed you the more members come to you to find out what is going on versus someone else.  There is no financial number you can put on meeting with Board Members when they are new but it pays off in the long run.