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Become a PGA Pro

Become a PGA Professional

Are you interested in joining the largest working sports organization in the world? Explore these pages and links to find out how you can become a PGA Professional.

Table of Contents

  1. Become a PGA Professional
  2. How to Join
  3. Associated Costs
  4. Eligibility & Playing Privileges

How To Join

PGAMission of the PGA Professional Golf Management Program

The PGA Professional Golf Management Program provides world-class training for aspiring golf professionals by offering skill-based training programs that provide state-of-the-art skills and knowledge. Graduates of this program will become outstanding golf professionals who provide exceptional service to their customers, employers, fellow professionals and the game of golf.

In order to become a PGA member, you will need to become a registered apprentice and go through the PGA Professional Golf Management (PGA PGM) Program. To register into the PGA PGM Program, you must:

  1. All individuals registering or re-registering as an apprentice must complete a Background Check (If you have been convicted of a felony, misdemeanor or equivalent, you should submit documentation to the PGA Membership Department to determine your eligibility for PGA Membership prior to proceeding. Per the PGA Code of Ethics, certain transgressions are cause for permanent preclusion to PGA Membership).
  2. Access the Qualifying Level Courses on the PGA Knowledge Center and pass the Qualifying Test.
  3. Satisfy the PAT requirement.
    PLEASE NOTE: You are encouraged to verify the expiration dates for the Qualifying Level Courses and the PAT requirement. These expiration dates are noted in the above links.
  4. Meet the Eligible Employment requirements described:
    1. Individuals shall be eligibly employed in one of the following classifications.
    2. You must be full-time eligibly employed at the time of registration
    3. Participation in an amateur event will forfeit all work experience credits earned prior to the event.
  5. An apprentice registration form verifying employment must be signed and submitted by you.
  6. Pay all apprentice fees. Click here to access our Fees Calculator.
  7. Acceptable Progress in the PGA PGM Program is defined by the successful completion of each Level and matriculation into the subsequent Level.
    1. Level 1 must be successfully completed within two years of the Level 1 start date
    2. Level 2 must be successfully completed within two years of the Level 2 start date
    3. Level 3 and election to PGA Membership must be successfully accomplished within eight years of the Level 1 start date

    Individuals who have not successfully completed the Level at the end of their two-year suspension will be terminated from the PGA PGM Program. Apprentices have eight years from their Level 1 start date to graduate from the PGA PGM Program, meet all election requirements and become elected to PGA Membership.

  8. Have a high school diploma or be at least 18 years of age and have the equivalent of a high school education. You are eligible for educational credits toward PGA membership with a college degree.

Associated Costs

Eligibility & Playing Privileges

National Requirements

Pass the Playing Ability Test. Even if you shot one 18-hole score in a PAT that is equal to or less than the PAT target score for 18-holes, plus 5 strokes and enrolled in the PGM program, you must pass the entire PAT before gaining Section playing privileges. Your PAT is good for two years if you have not become eligibly employed.

  • Be eligibly employed full-time six of the previous twelve months in an eligible employment classification (minimum of 40 hours per week) at a recognized golf facility or in a golf related position recognized under the PGA Constitution employment guidelines.
  • Register in the PGA PGM Program
  1. Go to and click on the “Learn How to Become a PGA Member” icon.
  2. Click “How to Join (PRO)” in the left sidebar.
  3. Follow the registration instructions and download the apprentice registration form.
  4. Follow the link to the Fees Calculator and enter the information to determine your prorated dues.
  5. Read the information below your dues total for the Level 1 kit cost. Within one week after submitting your application, call the PGA Fulfillment Center at (888) 742-5487 to order the Level 1 Kit.
  6. Your completed application with supporting documents and appropriate fees should be sent to:
    The PGA of America
    ATTN: Membership
    100 Avenue of the Champions
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
  7. Direct any questions about registering into the PGA PGM Program to Membership Services: (800) 474-2776.