Undercover Club Pro | Vol. 1, Entry 5

“Traditionalist.” I got to witness a great moment at my course recently.  We had a group of juniors playing golf and I went out to check on them.  As the professionals at each of our facilities, we are in charge of growing the game. That also means checking on people on the course.

So as I am out there, here comes the heard of “Traditionalist” golfers behind the juniors.  Our juniors are instructed to let all adult players go through.  So as we are going over the proper etiquette of letting faster players play through, where to stand behind a tree and to make sure we are way out of the way, here comes the first ball.

As the “Traditionalists” finished hitting and drove their carts up, each one of them either drove over or yelled over to thank the kids for letting them play through.  This made the Undercover Club Pro’s year! So as we instruct juniors and teach them proper golf etiquette we also need to stop and thank those who taught us proper golf etiquette as we learned the game.

You all make a difference at your facility but also thank your members, patrons or customers for making a difference to future members.

The Undercover Club Pro