Undercover Club Pro | Vol. 1, Entry 4

The Temper Tantrum.  We have all witnessed it and many of us are guilty as charged.  It is how you handle the situation as a Club Pro that makes or breaks this person’s day.  So, here are a few tips for those that have to handle the member or patron that has a temper tantrum.  This may even work in some section events.  Yep, I have witnessed plenty of those throughout the years.

#1 – The pretend it never happened: The human volcano in your group has a freak-out moment.  Clubs, language and gear is going everywhere.  At this moment you just go on like nothing ever happened and go about your business.  Most of us do this with our members and patrons and at section events.

#2 – I always like the “Throw them off their game with the agreement”: You just agree that the greens are  slow or you just keep getting the worst breaks on the course.  Rub some salt in that wound on the next hole and make note of another potential bad break. By the time you’re done with the match, their game stinks, their attitude stinks and you make more funds.  This works way better in section events but can lead to club sales as well.

#3 – The plain truth: This one works wonders for juniors.  You are not good enough to throw clubs and act like a complete crazy person.  As soon as you are making a living by playing golf then you can have the green light to throw clubs.  But then again the PGA Tour may fine you.  Heck, this works in a section event.  We have day jobs and we don’t make a complete living playing golf.  So next time you are at a section event and you start throwing out the audible fouls and chucking clubs, remember that others in your group are thinking you are ridiculous, not that good and they are trying to enjoy their day off.

-The Undercover Club Pro