The All Star Trophy Pro-One Am at The Legends featured four divisions, including a shootout style new to the Gateway PGA. The shootout featured a 10-team knockout style round over four holes. There was also a team gross division, team net division and individual purse division.

The top-10 teams from the day’s round played the first, seventh, eighth and ninth holes until one team remained. Aaron Gleason and Bryce Voisin won the shootout to cap off the day.

On the first hole of the shootout on a Par 5, we had some early fireworks as Aaron Gleason chipped in from off the green for an eagle to secure his team would move on to the next hole. Three teams were eliminated from the shootout after a putt off of the ties.

At the seventh hole, a Par 4 and the second shootout hole six teams were left in the shootout.

During the third playoff hole on the eighth hole, a Par 3, we were down to four teams. All four teams hit good shots with three landing on the green and one just off the edge After their second shots, two were hit up close and were converted for par. The last two had short putts for par as both putts slid by.

The final playoff hole was a Par 5 on the ninth hole. The two final teams were Gideon Smith, PGA and Ryan Schuenke against Aaron Gleason, PGA and Bryce Voisin.

Both team’s tee shots missed the fairway with Gleason and Voisin in the fairway bunker and Smith and Schuenke in the right rough.

Gleason and Voisin hit a punch shot from the rough on the green and Smith and Schuenke’s shot was just off the edge.

Both teams went on to make par and force a putt off for the shoot-out win.

Gleason and Voisin went first and hit their putt to inside two feet. The Smith and Schuenke team’s putt was online by slid by to outside two feet to give Gleason and Voisin the shootout win.

The individual purse division was split between Bob Gaus and Rob Sedorcek who both finished 3-under 69.

Tying atop the leaderboard in the team gross division at 8-under 64 were the team of Aaron Gleason and Bryce Voisin and the team of Rob Sedorcek and Brooke Biermann.

In the team net division, the top team was JR Rotarius and Sorkis Webbe with a 13-under 59.

A huge thank you to all the Professionals and Amateurs that played. Another huge thanks goes to All Star Trophy for sponsoring the event and also thanks to Brian Schmersahl, PGA and The Legends for hosting.