The PGA HOPE Gateway recently wrapped its inaugural women’s only clinic in July 2022. The six-week clinic, which kicked off in June, was hosted at Sunset Hills Country Club in Edwardsville, Illinois. PGA member Jon DePriest, a major supporter of the PGA HOPE Gateway program, hosted the event while colleague Sally Collins assisted in instructing the 12 participant field.  


“I would like to say that I have been playing with the PGA HOPE for veterans for two years,” said veteran Lettrise D Moore. “This year, in the spring, they offered a women’s only clinic/camp where I really learned a lot from the camp. The fact is, women are built a little different from men, and the tips on your stance, grip, and swing really help me personally. Everyone that I have played with this year, has stated how much my game has improved.”


Gateway Section employee Mackenzie Myers had the idea for the program while she served as the PGA WORKS Fellow in the Summer of 2021. “I was running clinics for veterans in the Gateway Section and noticed very few women attending the events,” Myers mentioned. “Every woman attendee I talked to asked me to play with them because we were the only women at the event. As we played, many stated that they would be more comfortable with playing with other women. All of the sudden it just clicked that we should offer a women’s only clinic series.”


Most clinics have average 15-20 participants and usually only one of those is female.


“If another clinic is offered, I would not hesitate to join again,“ Moore added. 


“Seeing the women feeling more relaxed and comfortable while on the golf course brought a smile to my face,” said Myers. “The Foundation prides itself on being a welcoming place for everyone as we work to grow the game of golf. Knowing that I played a role in living that mission is a thing I will never forget. 


While this year’s women’s clinic is over, the Foundation is working on another clinic in the future. More information on the PGA HOPE Gateway and the Gateway PGA Section can be found at