*These are the meeting minutes from the first Gateway Google Member Chat on April 2, 2020*

9:31 a.m. – Ali Wells (AW) gives brief introduction and how-to use Google Chat

Jeffrey Field (JF), Mike Suhre (MS) and Nathan Charnes (NC) give brief intros and rundown.

9:39 a.m. – AW gives rundown of Member chat sign-in via Google Forms. Gives rundown of COVID-19 resources on GatewayPGA.org and PGA.org.

9:40 a.m. – AW, MS, JF, NC discuss Member dues email and videos from Seth Waugh and Suzy Whaley. Members have two options to pay 2020 dues. AW states you can pay Section and National by July 31st without penalty. Or do two payments, separate through October 31st with Section dues by July 31st, pay National dues by October 31st without penalty. AW explained why Section and PGA cannot waive dues, because of 501c6 status.

AW asks for questions…MS added, dues must be paid in full because of taxes on earnings and risk of losing PGA events because of revenue. Cannot lose tax status. NC stated that waiving the dues would open door to get re-evaluated and echoed what Seth Waugh said in video. No further questions.

9:47 a.m. – OPEN FORUM/Collaborative space: AW put phone on mute and opened floor for discussion.

Q: (Jimmy Bals) Is anyone running leagues or shotgun events?

A: NC & Brett Moomey (BM): Everyone in St. Charles are doing their own thing. (NC) WingHaven is locked down, some members walking the course. No large group outings. BM: no F&B, operating as “play at your own risk” and providing an opportunity for members to play, open play. MS: from Illinois, shut down because close gatherings and the way it looks from an outsider when multiple people are gathered. MS stated that you should play it as ‘cool as you can.’ JF stressed the need for safety of staff and members. Staff members in parking lot with radios and 15-minute intervals in Texas or one hole between tee-times. Safety is pinnacle when allowing people on property at facilities. MS talked about single-rider carts and urged need for safety. NC agreed that not using carts eliminates safety concerns.

Q: BM asked AW where we are as a Section with dates, events?
A: AW stated that events for the Section & Gateway PGA REACH Foundation are currently suspended until April 20th and looking at two-week chunks at a time as executive committees meet. Some events (educations, juniors, etc.) have been moved to fall dates. Reiterated the PGA National events that have been cancelled.

Q: BM asked about PGA Jr. League and what everyone has planned?
A: MS is sending out weekly videos and swing tips to his players. MS plan is to continue to delay matches until May 23rd weekend and push it all back in order to get season in. MS trying to be most cautious and staying in front of the curve as far as safety goes. NC stated that his PGA Jr. League and his youth programs are still on but delayed.

Q: MS stated and asked AW about the LifeLong Learning Course Library?

A: AW stated that the library opened for free for 90 days on April 1st, usually $150. MS and AW stated that this is a great resource and link will be available on COVID-19 page with potential stand-alone email being sent. JF talked about PGA Magazine’s role in providing resources through Section and PGA of America, asked attendees, “How are you staying engaged with facility and staff and how are you being a leader?” Grant Masson (GM) added importance of “touch points” and safety. GM stated that “we are the leaders” and help to guide making rational and calm decisions.

Q: Grant Masson (GM) started conversation about safety and asked MS to record video message urging Members to see “big-picture”
A: MS said he’d gladly send out something to Members and urged everyone on the call do what they can to be safe and think about the trickle-down effect and be strong for the people around us. BM discussed need to think about those that are on your staff or near you.


10:15 a.m. AW gives code and explains the sign-in form. AW wraps up and ends call.