Back2Golf Three-Phased Approach

*This information is from the PGA of America, and is located on their website, verbatim*

Information contained in this page and the corresponding operational playbook are for the general education and knowledge of the recipient.  It is not designed to be, and should not be used as, the sole source of information when analyzing reopening plans. As the situation surrounding COVID-19 is evolving quickly and the subject matter contained herein may be subject to federal, state and local laws and regulations, we urge you to consult legal counsel to assist in developing your specific operational plans. While the intent is to move forward through each phase, it may be necessary based on health conditions or poor behavior by golfers to take a step backwards.

As communities begin to re-open, golf can offer an outdoor recreational experience that provides many health and wellness benefits. The Allied Golf Organizations, in alignment with the Center for Disease Control (CDC), have developed a comprehensive plan that allows golf to be played responsibly while observing recommended social distancing guidelines.

It’s also important that facilities follow the CDC’s specific community mitigation strategies including personal protective measures, social distancing and environmental surface cleaning at home and in community settings like the workplace. Please click here for guidance on implementing the CDC Community Mitigation Framework.

This plan is based on the operational underpinnings in “Guidelines Opening Up America Again” published by the White House and the CDC. It includes a specific, three-phased approach to golf that aligns with the broader plan to re-open the economy. Each phase includes operational protocols when it comes to social distancing, the sanitation of physical facilities and the health of you and your staff.

Our industry understands there are various restrictions in different parts of the country and emphasize that all should be adhering to state and local guidelines to ensure our sport comes back in a healthy way. Below you will find the Operations Playbook that is designed to help open golf where it is currently closed and keep it open responsibly through each phase. Please note that the playbook will be updated on a real-time basis based on interim guidance from the CDC as it becomes available.

[To view the Back2Golf Guidelines for Opening Up Golf, presented by the Allied Golf Organizations, click here and to download a PDF of the Operations Playbook Version 2.0 last updated on May 5, 2020, click here.]

  • Phase 1 = Individual Golf. For operational examples, click here.
  • Phase 2 = Restricted Programming. For operational examples, click here.
  • Phase 3 = New Normal. For operational examples, click here.