Every year there is an event like none other in the world of golf, called the PGA Show. All 41 Sections of the PGA of America are invited to travel to the “Sunshine State” for a week of career-specific conferences, various meetings, and hundreds of golf vendors that set up booths to showcase their new products. This year was a unique one for the Gateway Section, as one of our PGA Professionals, Nathan Charnes of WingHaven Country Club made his first stop on his campaign trail for PGA Secretary. There are a total of three candidates running for this position, and they each had the chance to make their mission known at the “Candidate Forum”. This Q&A style forum allowed for introductions, tested their knowledge of the desired role, and showcased each of their leadership styles. As expected, Nathan Charnes did a top-notch job and the Gateway Section is proud to support him as he embarks on this new journey!