Undercover Club Pro | Vol. 1, Entry 2

Member/Patron interaction is crucial in our business

How you interact with your clientele can make or break a career at a facility.  We have all had that person who comes in the shop and panic is in their eyes.  They are at wits end.  They are shaking their head, moping like you took their ball away at PE and then the dreaded words come out in a half whisper…  “Pro, I have the Shanks.”  To this member this is way worse than catching the flu.  They are waking up in the night with the sweats just dreaming of the dreaded word they have uttered in confidentiality to their Pro.  The group they play with has spread the word that “Rodney has the Shanks!”  Rodney can picture grade school all over again.  “Rodney has the Shanks, Rodney has the Shanks, Rodney has the shanks,” and all his friends don’t want to talk to him in fear that it is contagious.  The gossip of a player getting the shanks spreads faster at the facility than a wildfire you see in the mountains.  His group is practicing at home how they can throw the balls on the first tee so they don’t get Rodney as a partner.  As PGA Professionals this is where many of the hats we wear daily come into play.  You are now the police spokesperson who has to talk the jumper off the ledge (“Rodney, don’t quit”) and your inner psychiatrist comes into play (“Rodney, it is ok, we can fix this”).  This is the PGA Professionals moment to shine by taking Rodney to the driving range and being his Professional. You are the savior that rids him of this evil demon that has taken over their golf game and mind.  Keep in mind that how you handle this case can make or break Rodney’s summer.  So as we chuckle at this article and each of us has dealt with someone like Rodney, always keep in mind the interaction you have with your Rodney at your facility can mean a lifetime of career success.