Written by Don Gorin, PGA | The Landings Golf Course

At a public course like The Landings, there are many struggles when it comes to student retention. There are plenty of good instructors and good facilities to choose from. However, the best way to retain students is to get them results. Becoming a PGA Modern Coach added more tools to my tool belt in becoming a better instructor. I feel that the best way to get better at golf is by improving course management and short game on the course. Private one-on-one lessons are the most common form of teaching but outdated and the least effective form of coaching in all sports. There is no other sport that relies solely on learning in an individual environment, not to mention an environment that only partially represents the playing field. My range is flat; the course is undulating. Our practice putting green is flat; our course greens are undulating. Our pitching green presents 5-6 different shots to practice; the golf course presents limitless shots that you will encounter. Adaptation is learned best on the course.

As programs go, I prefer a 10-week program done over 12 weeks to allow for personal obligations. We alternate between 2-hour on-course and 1-hour off-course sessions. I start every program by sending a self-assessment questionnaire Google Doc. This gives me an idea where to start before our first session. Then we do a two-hour on-course game assessment where I identify 3 main areas for improvement. We discuss these during a 15-minute post-round interview. Next, I send them a goals sheet Google Doc to lay out a plan, and based on their goals, construct a written contract that both parties sign prior to our next session. With this document, I hold myself and my students accountable. Once started, I use a Google sheet to track their scores and statistics. The students can also access this document to see their scores, track their progress, and present any questions they have.

Becoming a PGA Modern Coach will give you a roadmap to getting results faster by getting your clients on the golf course. Increasing everyone’s enjoyment in the process and building a community of raving fans. This means increased revenue for you and your facility while working fewer hours and spending more time with friends and family.