7th Annual Gateway PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit Featured Award-Winning Teachers James Sieckmann & Joe Hallett at Old Hickory Golf Club

The Gateway PGA Section welcomed one of the top short-game specialists in the United States, James Sieckmann and Joe Hallett to Old Hickory Golf Club for the two-day Teaching & Coaching Summit on February 10-11.

2018 PGA National Teacher of the Year James Sieckmann and 2018 PGA National Horton Smith Award winner Joe Hallett highlighted a schedule of local and National golf experts presented by Leupold, Rapsodo and SuperSpeed Golf.

Our keynote presenter James Sieckmann, PGA shared his insight on the short game and spent several hours sharing stories and knowledge with our 70 attendees.

On Monday, February 10th the summit kicked off, featuring 2018 Gateway PGA Teacher of the Year Brian Fogt. Following Brian was a panel of some of the top teachers in Missouri, as rated by Golf Digest, who shared insights into their teaching philosophies and what has made them successful. The panel included Rob Sedorcek, Brian Fogt, Rick Grayson, Helen Kurtin and Ed Schwent. We concluded the first day of event with a ‘James Sieckmann and Joe Hallett: Unplugged’ segment.

On Tuesday, February 11th keynote speaker James Sieckmann started the day of with his keynote presentation in the morning, followed by a slate of local presenters and break-out sessions with Dr. Chris Collier (Chiropractor and Health Fitness), Helen Kurtin (Instruction with a Health Focus), Rick Grayson (Junior Golf) and Jeffrey Schulte (Club Fitting).

Gateway PGA educational seminars continues throughout 2020 with the Rapsodo ‘Teachers Teaching Teachers’ series. The series of seminars features local content experts sharing their thoughts, strategies and experiences on specific topics and how they relate to golf.