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9:33 a.m. – Ali Wells (AW) makes introduction and opening comments. Google Attendance sign-in for MSR credits, explained.

Hosts: Ali Wells (AW), Grant Masson (GM), Brett Moomey (BM), Mike Suhre (MS), Jeffrey Field (JF) and Nathan Charnes (NC).

9:34 a.m. – AW starts by reviewing State(s), county, city changes. Illinois opens golf on May 1st, stay-at-home orders in place through May 31st and masks to be worn in public. Missouri announced “Show Me Strong” plan to open on May 4th but City & County can still enforce their mandates through May 15th at least as long as it strengthens the order. AW introduced and reviewed PGA of America’s ‘Back-2-Golf Three Phases Playbook’ and how it was designed to mimic White House/CDC’s reopening plans. Anything local supersedes these guidelines. AW read three phases of Back-2-Golf and fielded questions.

-Phase 1: “Individual Play” no outings, camps, etc. Includes walking and single rider. F&B is only take-out orders.

-Phase 2: “Restricted Programming” avoiding groups of 50+ with social distancing intact, starting to open clubhouses, etc. but with strict rules.

-Phase 3: “Back to Normal” follows sanitation guidelines but closer to regular play and operations.

9:42 a.m. – AW asked for questions:

NC added, from a D7 BOD standpoint, expressed how this plan varies by course and area but is an effort to provide safe guidelines. Asked for feedback from different facilities and operations as people read.

BM added that his club will be a “soft opening” and how he plans to operate F&B and the golf shop with limits on people at one time.

9:50 a.m. – AW announced plan to open June 8th with Section tournament schedule and Junior Golf schedule. Discussed announcement of health & safety guidelines specific to Gateway PGA will be made available when done.

BM asked about shotgun starts or tee-time, AW answered with tee-times.

GM expressed that lightning delays will be a caveat because groups cannot be together in a patio or inside. Potentially will need to be in their cars. Asked for thoughts on that? AW answered that most entities are asking everyone to go to their

cars but how do you evacuate or get people off the course, etc. AW asked Nolan Toovey (NT), Natalie Long (NL) and Michael Brown (MB) for their thoughts. MB said that on the Pro side that you could do no warm-ups after restart, go to cars, place chairs 6-feet apart if applicable and call events sooner than normal. NL said that the being proactive, no shuttles, have carts on course with signs that say only for emergency, for kids with no cars to shelter in that staff would place those kids 6-feet apart and enforce social distancing. BM talked about texting abilities with Golf Genius and that tool could be used for updates during delays, live scoring, etc. MB talked about how Golf Genius text updates will be frequently used and main channel. MB talked about scoring best practices include being 6-feet apart and giving “verbal signatures” by verifying scores on scoreboard TV.

10:00 a.m.- Jimmy Bals (JB) asked MB for that rules document that he can use at Westborough CC.

10:01 a.m.- AW opened up the floor for other topics and discussions. NC left call.

10:03 a.m.- MB asked if anyone knows of anyone has connection for masks, gloves, etc. because we’ll all need that when the tournaments begin and office re-opens.

10:05 a.m.- AW gave code for MSR sign-in. Ended call