*These are the meeting minutes from the second Gateway Google Member Chat on April 9, 2020*

9:33 a.m. – Ali Wells (AW) makes introduction and opening comments. Mentioned special guest Dr. Kurth.

Hosts: Grant Masson (GM), Brett Moomey (BM), Mike Suhre (MS), Jeffrey Field (JF) and Nathan Charnes (NC). Google Attendance sign-in for MSR credits, explained.

9:37 a.m. – AW opened call to officers (GM, BM, MS, JF & NC).
NC introduces, and reminds all the new revised PGA Tour schedule. BM introduces, talked about Seth Waugh appearance on Barstool Sports. JF encouraged everyone to call each other and check-in on one another. JF talked about an email he sent that details some strategies for the future.

9:41 a.m. – AW asked “for golf courses still open in Missouri, have there been issues or heartburn from residents from bordering states that don’t allow golf and residency checks?

BM mentioned reciprocal agreement with Sunset Hills CC in Illinois but there have been no issues.

MS talked about fines being dolled out in Illinois if caught golfing.

9:46 a.m. – AW mentioned SBA Loans and Cares Act and asked if everyone has been looking into it?

NC said, if you qualify, you can borrow to cover 8-week and 75% can be spent on payroll.

Mark Christensen (MC) stated that he applied for that SBA Loan and said it was easy to do. MC, NC & MS said you must go through the banks and your own banks. Best not to do it on your own.

9:52 a.m. – AW introduces Dr. Kurth. Mitchell Smith (MS2) makes the formal introduction to Membership. Dr. Kurth is an anesthesiologist. 

Dr. Kurth talked about COVID-19 and contact rules. 6-9 feet is best distances, droplets from mouth lands in mouth, nose or eyes. Germs can live on surfaces for 6 hours and then they die. Germs for this enter through the lungs as well. Very similar to flu-like symptoms. Touching surface and then touching face is the main reason for mask orders and social distancing. Main difference between COVID-19 and the flu is that about 50% of people won’t have symptoms and be asymptomatic and can pass to others. Main takeaway wash your hands especially when in contact with any surface someone else would touch. Anything above 100.4 temperature is mild fever and cause for concern. Most are not allowed in buildings if you have that. Suggested wearing a simple cloth or mask around mouth even on course. Suggested also not paying with cash anywhere. Basically anything that will limit human-to-human contact or touching something that can pass germs (sharing clubs).

GM asked Dr. Kurth about hydration on the golf course, bottles vs. stations. Bottles could be best but if station, put sanitation wipes near the station button. GM talked about dipping hands in a cooler to get bottles. Dr. said the ice is cool enough to kill the germs but as the day goes on, cooler get warm could be a big issue.

JF asked about tournaments and outings and easing into social gathering and asked about phases of normalcy. Dr. said that this depends on the states. CDC is looking to ease social guidelines to about 50 or less through April in states that are not as effected. 

BM asked about face masks and making the masks. Asked what timeline is on wearing masks and how much can this effect the spread. Dr. said it helps the wearer from spreading. If everyone wore a mask, COVID could not be spread. CDC asking anyone that goes out in public that you should wear mask through summer. Wash mask every three days.

Dr. sending materials to MS2 from the CDC.

AW closes conversation with Dr. Kurth.

10:10 a.m. – AW continues dialogue. MC revisited ‘sole proprietor’ side of the SBA Loans. Even though you’re getting a paycheck from your club, if you also teach and no longer are getting that paycheck, what do you do? AW said she’ll do research on this and use PGA HQ as resource.

10:12 a.m. – NC elaborated on divider mentioned with Dr. Kurth regarding golf carts. Explained that it’s similar to a soft top Jeep and is draped between each rider in a golf cart.

10:14 a.m. – BM mentioned that his wife is making masks and if anyone needs one, to let him know.

10:15 a.m. – AW made last call for any additional comments. None. Called meeting to a close and gave code.