*These are the meeting minutes from the fourth Gateway Google Member Chat on April 16, 2020*

9:35 a.m. – Ali Wells (AW) makes introduction and opening comments. Mentioned special guest PGA Professional and Coronavirus survivor Craig Liddle (CL).

Hosts: Grant Masson (GM), Brett Moomey (BM), Mike Suhre (MS), Jeffrey Field (JF) and Nathan Charnes (NC). Google Attendance sign-in for MSR credits, explained.

9:36 a.m.- CL gave rundown and story behind his case with Coronavirus and how he contracted it, the process he had to go through, how busy the hospitals and clinics were, symptoms that started and how it ended up. We’re told results could take 5-10 business days. Symptoms got worse, mild respiratory problems for him, worse was headaches and body aches. March 29th it was confirmed that he had tested positive, symptoms subsided around April 1st. His wife and kids did NOT get the virus. Meadowbrook officially closed March 30th-April 7th for deep cleaning and none of his members got Coronavirus from the club or him. He did not return to work until April 14th. Not maybe lingering effects except for extreme lack of energy.

9:43 a.m.- Garth Bayer (GB) asked CL how he was doing and thanked him. GB & CL shared their individual experiences with the Coronavirus.

9:48 a.m.- CL asked if anyone else had experiences with the virus and a few people shared their minor experiences and stories of people they know that have or have had the virus.

9:51 a.m. – GM asked CL how he felt about going back to work after beating the virus and what his thoughts were and if he was hesitant. CL expressed his confidence in following the CDC social distancing and disinfecting guidelines.

9:54 a.m.- Jimmy Bals (JB) asked CL about his operations at Meadowbrook. CL says they expanded tee-times and how it affected pace-of-play. Closed every other range mat to increase distance between members. Staff wearing gloves while washing range balls with chlorine solution to disinfect & sanitized. No balls in the short-game area. Carts spaced out in staging area. Noodles used in holes. No rakes. Bought a backpack lawn sprayer to sanitize power carts and push carts. No water available, no food at the moment. BYOF&W. Staff is limited at the moment and many clubhouse staff furloughed. One women’s & one men’s bathroom are open and cleaned frequently every hour.

10:00 a.m.- JF talked to CL about tee times being spread out, how it affects pace-of-play and how some facilities are only allowing members to play every-other-day since most people are off. Stated that some facilities are more liberal with their use of golf carts and two bags per cart. JF talked about the importance of continuing instruction with students and how on-course playing lessons are a good way to instruct while following distance guidelines.

10:07 a.m.- JB asked questions about staff with member interaction and merchandise. CL talked about his strategies and how he’s still selling merchandise at the club and staff getting things for members from locker rooms, etc.

10:08 a.m.- GM added information about selling out of his golf shop at STLCC and how they follow safety guidelines to provide that for his members. Talked about instruction at his facility and “no-touch policy” at the range. As far as teaching goes, GM said teaching & social distancing has been successful by teaching from 10-feet away, close contact isn’t necessary. GM stressed need to be careful but not to live in fear and how servicing members and customers is more important now more than ever.

10:12 a.m.- JF expressed importance for golf now and how this situation is forcing the golf pro to create strong connections with clientele and how that will look in a positive way in the future.

10:12 a.m.- CL asked everyone and Section if and how this Pandemic is changing the Junior Golf landscape and what ideas everyone has to engage juniors and what they can do to get people involved.

Kristi Egnot (KE) talked about how many juniors she’s seen at her home club and home many families have picked up golfing together. Talked about PGA Jr. League “Family Cup” is being beta-tested in the Gateway Section as a way to get families out on the course together.

10:15 a.m.- Barbara Blanchar (BB) talked about a 6-week, 30 minutes a day Zoom call with her junior golfers. BB & CL talked about how this will look. BB said she’ll tie in exercise, core values and life skills with homework at the end.

10:17 a.m.- Tim Chrzan (TC) asked AW about “interruption of business insurance” and how to show numerical proof of what business looked like and could’ve looked like. AW suggested seeing how facilities in other Sections and States are interrupted.

10:18 a.m.- Dan Polites (DP) stated that he tried the “interruption of business insurance” and was not accepted. Mike Suhre (MS) stated that they have not tried it yet.

10:19 a.m.- MS talked about some things he’s doing at his facility to stay business and expressed optimism of re-opening in May. MS thanked CL for being on the call and sharing his story.

10:22 a.m.- CL asked about anyone’s success with the PPP Program. MS said they did. NC said they did too. BB said she was too.

10:23 a.m.- AW talked about financial updates with PPP and Cares Act 3.5. Stated that 501c(6) and 501c(7) still don’t qualify. AW talked about District 7 call at 11:30 and “CARES Act Explained.”

10:26 a.m.- MS discussed specifics with the act and how it affects facilities.

10:26 a.m.- AW talked about Phase 1 and Phase 2 Golf Relief Fund.

10:28 a.m.- CL expressed appreciation to the Section and left the call.

10:29 a.m.- AW gave code for MSR sign-in and ended the call.