“Tee Masters Golf Club of St. Louis, MO, exists to inspire and empower the African-American community through tournaments and supporting activities for betterment of youth development and growth.” Anthony Coleman with the Tee Masters Golf Club, recently reported on the success of the two Junior Golf Teams that are affiliated with Tee Masters. All junior golfers that play on the team must turn in an approved letter from school in addition to passing test scores.

Mathews Dickey’s Junior Golf Team has a total of 25 registered players that attend a weekly practice at Norwood Hills Country Club. Thirteen junior golfers on this team receive private coaching at various locations, depending on where they live. The parents of the Mathews Dickey team have been very involved and show great participation.

Better Family Life has a total of 32 registered players on their team. All 32 junior golfers practice together at the Highlands Tennis & Golf Center, with 11 of those players receiving private coaching. This team also has a great group of parents that are very involved for their junior golfers.

Both teams will be competing in an upcoming Drive, Chip & Putt Local Qualifier, and the Ascension Golf Charity Classic.