It is the season of giving and that is what Dr. Ralph G Dacey Jr. has done for PGA REACH Gateway and PGA HOPE. Dr. Dacey is the Henry G. and Edith R. Schwartz Professor of Neurological Surgery at the Washington University of St. Louis School of Medicine.

He recently donated a solo rider golf cart to PGA HOPE for veterans in need of this equipment. A solo rider golf cart is built for people who are wheelchair bound. This golf cart gives them the ability to play golf despite not being able to physically walk. People using these carts are able to operate it as a regular cart. This is a great advancement of technology because it continues to bring a diverse population into the game of golf.

Dr. Dacey donated this gift to PGA HOPE because of his father who once used it and was a Navy Veteran. The solo rider will be a great asset to the PGA HOPE program because it will allow PGA REACH Gateway to continue to make golf accessible to all veterans. It is a true gift to this community and program and exemplifies what PGA HOPE stands for in helping better the mental, physical, emotional and social wellbeing of veterans through the game of golf. PGA REACH Gateway is extremely grateful for Dr. Dacey’s donation to achieve this goal.