On November 7th, PGA REACH Gateway hosted the first Topgolf with PGA HOPE fundraiser at the Topgolf in Chesterfield. This fundraising event helped raise funds to support PGA HOPE, the military initiative of PGA REACH Gateway.


10 teams gather together for a day full of commradery and excitement to celebrate PGA HOPE. PGA HOPE introduces the game of golf to veterans through 6-8 week programming that helps with the physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being of veterans. Supporters had the opportunity to play with veteran graduates of the PGA HOPE programming and learned more about how PGA HOPE has made an impact in their lives. PGA REACH Gateway president Ozzie Smith was in attendance to greet supporters and continue to ignite the importance of PGA HOPE. 


The teams played a round of Topgolf and competed for trophies that represented the five branches of the military. The Missouri Veterans Endeavor won the competition. It is an organization that provides housing, childcare services, transportation, and therapy to veterans and their families. 


 As of 2020, PGA HOPE has helped over 250+ veterans in the Gateway Section. All of the proceeds from the fundraiser will go to helping grow PGA HOPE in the Gateway Section. To learn more about PGA HOPE, click here. 


This story was written by PGA Works Fellow Cameron Dinkins