Gateway PGA HOPE Program Featured in PGA HOPE’s National Newsletter

Story written and published by PGA HOPE & PGA REACH

The PGA HOPE Spotlight is a place to give well-deserved credit and thanks to an individual, Section Lead, PGA Pro, or anyone else who enhances a local HOPE program. In this issue, PGA HOPE is proud to spotlight the PGA HOPE team in the Gateway PGA Section.

The Gateway PGA HOPE team has an impeccable track record when it comes to serving our nation’s heroes. The Section hosts three PGA HOPE programs, to include programming on-campus at the Jefferson Barracks VAMC for inpatient Veterans. It is also the home Section of PGA HOPE Ambassador, Bill Wiegand.

This year, the Section will be partnering with TopGolf to host their inaugural PGA HOPE fundraiser, hosted by Gateway PGA REACH President, Ozzie Smith. The event will educate participants about the PGA HOPE program as well as provide a meet and greet opportunity with Veterans directly impacted by the program. Interested parties can check out this exciting opportunity at:

To the entire team in the Gateway Section, thank you for all that you do for PGA HOPE and America’s Veterans; you are winners and champions in our book!

Is there someone in your Section that deserves a moment in the Spotlight? Email the Hope Media Mailbox with your nomination. Be sure to include a photo and an overview of how your nominee is an asset to PGA HOPE and our nation’s heroes!