Urban K Life 2018 Update

It’s been a big year for our Foundation partners at Urban K Life.  From the PGA Championship, to after school programming, Jerome Harris and his team have been busy with filling idol hours of North. St. Louis students with meaningful programming that helps keep kids in school and on the right track.  Here are a few statistics from 2018.

  • Through the year Urban K Life filled 3,654 idle hours for students in the N. St. Louis region.  That equates to 152 days of idle time!
  • The average number of students per month Urban K Life connected with was 28 students.
  • After school programming equated to 1,714 hours during the Fall Semester.  Most of these hours came from the “Klub” program from the Clyde C. Miller academy.
  • During the Fall Semester Urban K Life saw roughly 80 students per day.
  • 35 students participated in the “Beyond the Green” event at Bellerive Country Club during the PGA Championship.
  • 7 students were “Standard Bearers” during the PGA Championship.

Great credit goes to Jerome for all the time and dedication he has put in to push students in the right direction.  We look forward to continuing to work with Urban K Life in 2019 and are extremely excited about what is to come next year!