Horton Smith Award

The PGA Horton Smith Award recognizes the PGA Professional who is the model educator of PGA Golf Professionals.  This award is designed to give special recognition to an individual Gateway PGA Professional for outstanding and continuing contributions to professional education.

Horton Smith Award Guidelines:

  • Demonstration of outstanding qualities of leadership.

  • Demonstration of strong moral character.

  • Maintain a substantial record of service to the Association and the game of golf.

  • Well-regarded as a model educator of PGA Golf Professionals.

Horton Smith Award Criteria:
1.    Criteria to Measure 

       a.     Contributions to Section & National PGA education programs. 

       b.    Contributions and development of articulates related to and benefiting education. 

       c.     Contributions to building the image of both the PGA Golf Professional and the Association.
Selection Process
       a.   Nomination should be based on a candidate’s entire past experience and commitment for continuing one’s contributions and assistance.
          b.   Achievements during the past five years should be emphasized.
       c.    Awards Committee will select a recipient based on the criteria. 

3.    Ineligible Categories
       a.     Last Year’s Horton Smith Award Winner
       b.    Class “F” and “Inactive” members 
       c.   Apprentices

       d.   PGA National Headquarters staff and PGA Section staff
Other Considerations
⇔ Award will be presented at the Gateway PGA Awards Ceremony, held in December.