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Gateway Golf & Business for Women

“Providing professional development opportunities to St. Louis business women through the influence of golf.”


Purpose: Providing professional development opportunities for St. Louis businesswomen by leveraging the influence of golf and a series of professional development luncheon events at PGA-staffed golf facilities.  GGBW enhances professional development by addressing hot topics that matter most to businesswomen.  What makes GGBW unique to other employee resource group offerings is that golf is the vehicle used to deliver the program.

Why:  Statistics show that men are significantly more likely than women to take advantage of, and benefit from, conducting business on the golf course.  Many of the reasons why indicate this is an area that businesswomen can “lean in” to… a space that furthers professional development and enrichment in a way that grows and retains talent, fosters collaboration among team members, and places women at “tables” they otherwise wouldn’t be at, while building confidence in the skills and the game of golf.