Our most popular beginner Player Development program in 2022, was “Queens of the Greens”, at Quincy Country Club. This was all female golfers who had very little experience on the course.  Emily Van Rie, our Associate at QCC was the point person in the setup and organization of this event with help from our team.  This is our most hesitant group and hardest to get to the course.  We set up 9 putt-putt holes with multiple obstacles, drink stands and we provided golf balls / putters for all players.  We advertised on Social Media with fun videos and really talked up that you needed zero golf experience.  Most adults have experienced putt-putt golf at other places so we made the event feel like that.  Our first turnout was 15 participants and the second was 20+.  We ran the events monthly for 2 months.  Event #3 rained out.

With all our Player Development programs at QCC, we want to create incremental revenue for the Club and our PGA Professional team.  We were able to sign up 10 new individuals from this group to our Player Development on-course learning program.  Our team has been able to turn fun events into significant dollars in their pockets and revenue for the Club.