Mel Rector became involved in the PGA REACH Gateway Foundation by playing in the FIRST Foundation Pro Am in 2009, and has played in every tournament ever since. 

Mel and his wife Sue have served as the Co-Chairs of the Ozzie and Friends Gala and Pro Am since 2014 after receiving a call from the former Executive Director, Josh Riley, and current Executive Director, Ali Wells. After the Foundation board brought Ozzie Smith into the fold, there was immense growth and a big draw for the city’s beloved Hall of Famer. When thinking about the noteworthy changes to the Gala and Pro Am after Ozzie’s involvement, Mel said, “They turned a Volkswagen into a Cadillac!” His sentiment still holds true today, as the Ozzie & Friends Gala and Pro Am are steadily growing and entering their 13th year!

In addition to his direct involvement with the Foundation, Mel created a non-profit called STL City Golf, which runs two long-standing tournaments at Forest Park each year, the Publinx and the City Championship, with proceeds going to the Foundation, specifically the Clarence Voigt Memorial Scholarship. He is a member of Lake Forest Country Club and Bellerive Country Club, along with National Memberships at Quincy Country Club and Dalhousie Golf Club.  Mel has also served as the President of the St. Louis District Golf Association.

His passion for golf goes far beyond the game itself. At the 2021 Ozzie & Friends Gala, Mel Rector was awarded the PGA REACH Gateway Leadership Impact Award. When asked about his accomplishment he spoke of how humbling it was to receive such a title. Along with his wife, the pair have found many wonderful connections and opportunities through serving the Foundation and they love every second of it!