The men and women that dedicate their lives to serving and protecting this great country deserve much more than can be put into words. Through the PGA HOPE program, our PGA Professionals can give back in a unique and rewarding way. Last week, we had three groups of PGA HOPE Graduates that completed their clinics. One of our instructors, Lance Flury said, “The PGA HOPE program has been an incredible experience not only for our veterans, but our staff as well!  We can see the impact and the appreciation the veterans feel for our efforts and look forward to serving them with as much enthusiasm as they have served our country.” When speaking of the veterans that participated in the Arlington Greens clinic, instructor Sam Gilliland shared, “It is fantastic to see the smiles and camaraderie caused by teaching our veterans a better way to swing a club.  They are so enthusiastic and always trying to improve, not only in golf but in life, and we get to be a part of that.” Congratulations to all of the Gateway Section PGA HOPE Graduates!